All-in-one platform that does everything you need to manage your site — and your business.

  1. Dynamic Pages

    Design page sections and create unlimited pages using available section combinations — with their own style and content.

  2. Dynamic Posts

    Design one post layout and create unlimited posts — each with their own content, URL and SEO.

  3. Analytics

    Customize your Dashboard and measure only what matters to you — in languages you understand.

  4. File Manager

    Manage any kind of files on the cloud — integrated to AWS, the largest Content Delivery Network in the world.


  1. Node.js Server

    Run complex JavaScript applications on both the server side as well as the client side via dedicated Node.js server.

  2. NPM Packages

    Bring functionalities to your site with more than one million packages from the largest software registry in the world.

  3. Built-in IDE

    Built-in Integrated Development Environment for Developers, with syntax highlighting, code completion and more.

  4. Database & APIs

    Collect and store content in databases that can be displayed anywhere on your sites through Vold's Database APIs.

  5. JS Routers

    Use routers to organize the states your web and display data on a dynamic page.

  6. Web Modules

    Automate client to server interactions such as HTTP protocol and URLs, so you can focus on your what matters.


  1. Analytics

    Measure how your business works by tracking website visitors, acquisitions, social media interactions, conversion rates and revenue.

  2. Marketing Tools

    Integrate with Marketing tools like Google Analytics, Instagram and Mailchimp, customize what you want to see, and measure what works.

  3. OG Meta Tags

    Customize images and texts you want to display when site pages are shared on Social Media platforms, via Open Graph meta tags.

  4. Custom Meta Tags

    Build SEO-friendly tags and URLs with advanced patterns. Edit a page type once and your custom pattern instantly updates across your site pages.

  5. Canonical URLs

    Prevent duplicate content issues in search engine optimization by specifying the "canonical" or "preferred" version of your web page.


  1. SSL Certified

    Activate padlock and the https protocol. Allow secure connections from a web server to your site Visitors' browser.

  2. Enterprise-Grade Security

    Security is a big deal for us. All Vold sites are compliant with the highest international security standards.