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Next Generation Web Management System

Built for

We use leading web technologies to empower true web experience for our users. It's fast and powerful — so you can focus on what's important. VoldCoreMongoDBJavaNodeJSVueJSAWS

Built for People

Vold is designed for the best human interface experience. It's built to be understood by everyone, much less learning curve, and it speaks human.

All-in-one Platform to Power your Website

Overview — Overview — Overview

The all-in-one platform means Vold is an advanced system that does everything you need to manage your site — and your business.

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Page Builder

Manage your Pages — Easier than ever.

Minimalistic page bulder — it means every element presented on screen is deliberate and useful, so you can focus on the essentials.

Visualize your Performance. In languages you understand.

Track your audience, understand how well each of your strategies are working for your success.
File Manager

Manage your Files fluidly on the Cloud.

Sophisticated File Manager that seamlessly connected to Content Delivery Network.

Headless. Custom dashboard. Drag and drop page builder. Frontend live editor on multiple screen sizes. Automated SEO. CDN-Integrated File Manager. Fast Performance, easy to use.

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Built for —

We believe that in order to suceed in delivering the best Web management experience, we need to focus on the Developers-first. We obsessively eliminate needless complexity and extraneous details, so you can set up and running with Vold at ease, right on day one.